Who applied for HRSA scholarship???

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Hello everyone,

How many of us applied for the HRSA scholarship? Does anyone know someone who was awarded with the HRSA scholarship last year? It sounds great although near impossible to get, but hey someone has to get it right :uhoh3:



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A classmate of mine told me about the scholarship. I didn't apply because I was thinking the same thing that you were thinking. It sounds like it's almost impossible to get and they are awarding it to people who are they term "financially needy"...meaning their EFC has to be close to $0.

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Sorry, but what is the HRSA scholarship?


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CNSA sent around an e-mail to all its members about this scholarship. I applied...my EFC is 0, but I am sure that there are those who made less than we did last year who are more "needy" than we are. I agree, it is a LONG shot even hoping for it. What did they say? They had like 5,000 apps last year and awarded 94 people??

It is a nice deal with the monthly stipend...I just wonder how it affects the Pell Grant? Well, good luck to all of us that applied for it...hopefully at least ONE of us will win an award!!


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Well I decided to apply for the scholarship. I figured it was worth a shot. You never know unless you try. Yeah the figures seem impossible, but miracles do happen. But now its gonna kill me from now until September because that is when the awardees get notified. But I will let you guys know if I got lucky!! What are the chances?

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I applied, but my EFC was actually a whopping $80. I'm sure next year it'll be zero... :o

I have nothing to complain about, since I still managed to score $16K of aid for this year (only $4K of which is loans!). Woohoo! :D


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I applied and yes it does seem impossible to get it. I have yet to find anyone who acutually got the scholarship. It almost seems like a lottery rather than a scholarship program.


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I applied also. I have a high EFC, but as brownsuga said, "miracles do happen"


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I applied also and my EFC was zero. However, my tuition is due in July and they don't let you know if you got the award until September so I'm looking into other options which unfortunately means loans.

I applied, you can call the 800# on the site from time to time(with a stupid question) and then ask what you really want to know. Did I get the money????? They are really nice. I haven't called in a week or so, I think it's time. Last time I called I asked if it was O.k. to call and they said yes. It is a long shot but hey, so was my last child and now I have a wonderful little girl!! They make the finial pick in early july from what I understand.

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Did you call HRSA today? If so what did you find out? Do you really think they will tell us over the phone this early if we got the scholarship? Well, good luck to everyone.


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