Which South Jersey Hospital Should I choose for 1st RN Job???


Hi all! Well, the time has come to finally put into practice what I've worked so hard to be able to do! I am a new nurse fresh out of school with a BSN, RN. I'm also a mom 4 and live in the Cherry Hill area. As a new nurse I have no idea what focus I'm interested in. I am feeling confused, but more so blessed to have so many opportunities so soon after completing my RN program. Any advice you could offer would be appreciated more than you know! I have solid offers at the following hospitals:

Virtua Memorial - Med/Surg

Cooper - Intermediate ICU

Atlanticare Atlantic City - ED

Thank you so much…it is the support of this community... that helped me get through some pretty horrible times in nursing school!!! Now…time to take on the real world!


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Good to see you posting.

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Good luck.


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Congrats. I guess part of it depends on whether you are interested in critical care. But based on your location and the choices of hospitals, if I were in your shoes I would choose Cooper.