Which position is better for a new RN?


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      Renal floor
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      Ortho Med Surg floor

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It's been pretty tight around here for hospital jobs. I finally got an interview at a hospital that led to some more interviews! I'm possibly looking at a positon on the Renal floor or a position on the Med Surg / Ortho floor. I want to experience ICU, ER, and even OB at some point during my career. I want a starting position that will teach me a wide base of knowledge. Which position would be better for me? I want to learn as much as I can about everything and I'm not sure which position would open the doors I want.

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Med/surg/ortho, but actually I would go more by your gut feelings during interview and when you tour the unit. Check out whether things seem calm and organized, whether the nurses are smiling/laughing occasionally, whether people seem pleased that you might be joining them or whether they say (even in jest) "Run! Run far away!", whether you like the manager who interviews you. Those are both fine units to start on.

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I agree with Bonnie. If you are offered both positions, unless you really want Renal to be your career, go med/surg. However, if you are not offered both, take whatever you are offered! New grad jobs are hard to find!

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I agree with both above comments. ICU/ER specialty units require a broad base of knowledge and experience. You would get this mostly from the med-surg/ortho floor. And it will be a busy floor so you will be learning how to think critically and make decisions. You would see the extreme of these types of patients in ICU or ER, so it would be the best. If you only want to do renal then start there, but as stated above, take any job you can get to get your foot in the door.