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Which NCLEX Guide For Beginning of Nursing School?


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Which NCLEX-RN review book is best for a new nursing student? I've seen it recommended a number of times to buy an NCLEX review book and start studying it from the beginning/fundamentals of nursing school, and I'm wondering which one to get, as there are so many options. So far, I see:





I only want to get one book right now (I assume I'll get other resources in 2 years as it gets closer to actually taking the exam), and I'm not sure which one to get, especially due to cost (Saunders seems to be the most expensive).

So what do you recommend?

Saunders is comprehensive and will carry you throughout your schooling years. Kaplan offers good nclex test protocols that's really only 1 chapter. You honestly don't need to start reviewing until maybe your last semester in school. Just pay attention and learn the content first.

I purchased Saunders! It's really straightforward with its rationale and there's a lot of information that I feel is quite simplified, which makes it easier to understand. It's an amazing tool, and I'm planning on using it as a supplement to my classes.

Don't worry about it!! Nursing school is hard enough as is. I promise you will not have any time to study for NCLEX until at least your last semester. However, when the time comes, I strongly recommend the Kaplan book. I love the layout and it is very comprehensive. It is all I used and I passed the NCLEX first try with the minimum number of questions (and I only studied for a few weeks AFTER graduating).

Good luck :)


Specializes in Neurosurgery, Neurology.

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess my thinking was that I've seen it recommended a number of times to get an NCLEX review book and start studying it from the beginning to get used to NCLEX style questions. Like, when you're in maternal-child health, you'd study that section of the book, or psych you'd do the same, etc.

I have both Saunders and Prentice Hall NCLEX review books, and I love using both of them to help me study. I have found those books extremely beneficial and invaluable to help with processing and absorbing the tons of information that we need to learn. Like you said above, I focus on the sections that pertain to the subject material at hand, and do all of the practice questions. If I had to choose one book, Prentice Hall or Saunders, I would pick Saunders because the section on Medical Math (Ch. 17) along with all of the practice questions, really helped me UNDERSTAND the basics, and this has been huge for me because math is not one of my strengths. I have Calculate with Confidence, which is an awesome book and goes very into depth with lots of issues and concepts pertaining to medication administration, but for understanding the math, it was the Saunders book that did it for me. That alone made the price tag worth it.

Does envy body know sunders 4th edition and 5 th edition they are a lot of changes? Thanks