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Which Instrument Should I Pick?

I have always loved classical music and I always wished to learn to play at least one instrument. Well, here I am 23 and my mom has finally offered to pay for me to take music courses at college! I will be taking it with my normal prereqs. I am so excited, but I have no idea which instrument to pick. I am stuck on two... the violin and the piano.

Here are my pros and cons for each.

Violin: Not as expensive as a piano, easy to transport, seems more difficult to learn, not many opportunities to play, my favorite sounding instrument (but perhaps sounds the worst when you don't know what you are doing), would it be very hard to learn this instrument while taking my prereqs?

Piano: Very expensive and if I choose this I will have to practice at the school b/c I cannot afford to buy my own just yet, I would like to be able to play for parties and church, I have heard that once you know how to play a piano it is easier to learn others and that the piano should be taught first, I won't be able to take the piano anywhere heh, easier to learn

I'm not sure. Does anyone play that can offer advice? Thank you so much.

I've been playing the piano for 21 years. I love it! I know the sound is different, but what about purchasing a keyboard? It's light weight and it is alot cheaper than a piano. You also mentioned possibly wanting to play in church. When I didn't have a piano at home to play, my Bishop gave me a key to the church so I could play anytime I wanted. Maybe your pastor or whomever would do the same or similar for you?


I vote for the piano as well!

I did piano and clarinet when I was younger. I miss the piano the most. I would love to have my piano but have no place for a player piano at the house so it sits in storage at my mom's :(

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I vote for Piano as well. I used to play when I was a child and I very much regret giving it up. Someday I will get back into playing.

I think you should take piano lessons. My grandmother started taking piano lessons in her forties because she had always wanted to learn and was too poor when she was little for lessons. She was very proud of herself for doing that, and she brought so much joy to others once she learned because she played for her church as well. I think you would be very happy choosing the piano.

Ok, so I know it's not one you listed....but I love the Cello. It's such a warm, rich sound.....and when playing in an ensemble, that midrange voice has the most interesting parts! When played well, I think the cello sounds like a human voice.

If I had to pick one of the two on the list, it would be the piano. It's much more versatile than the violin (and you're right, when played badly--which I'm sure you won't do--it's a horror show...as a kid, my sister played for a couple months....very painful!:uhoh3: )

Have fun!!!!!



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I played the piano and cello growing up and have started learning the guitar recently.

Your heart and your ear already know which instrument you should study. The sound will speak to your soul. That connection will keep you motivated to keep practicing and practicing and practicing.

As adults we often misjudge how much time goes into really learning an instrument. That soul connection will make the difference in your motivation to continue on after your lessons.

Based on what you wrote above, you should take the violin. When you take classes at school, you probably will have access to soundproof practice rooms, if you're concerned about squeaky sounds at first.

In elementary school and most of high school, I played the violin and loved it. I chose to stop taking orchestra in high school because my peers were starting to get ready to pursue careers in music and I had reached a plateau and was getting interested in nursing. I would choose the piano because the finger skills in violin are difficult. It is hard to stay in tune. Am planning to take up guitar lessons or return to the violin some time in the future. Something else to do to relax. Hope you enjoy your efforts in music.

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i'm kind of biased, but i have played cello since i was 4 and a half. it is an amazing instrument, so versitile. whatever you pick, remember to always have fun with it!

Classical violin all the way. I've been playing it since I was 5 and LOVE it! It's so fun and satisfying. I *have* put a lot of time into it though already... I was very competitive when it came to being ahead and better than everyone else my teacher taught. Hahaha! But hey... at least it got me somewhere. I perform often and won a competition...

Piano's awesome too though... so really, I think you'll be good either way. =)

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I play the piano and violin. I started with the piano first. You may want to do the same. Playing the piano will teach you to read music on the grand staff. That will make easier for you when you add the violin. By the way, a good violin can cost more than a piano. You may want to look in the classifieds. There are always pianos and keyboards listed.


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