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Which should I take?


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Hoag in Irvine or Corona Regional?


So I relocated a little bit, and decided to find some new opportunities job-wise.

It looks like I'm going to have 2 different job offers, only one is in the bag though.

I thought I'd find out some more experienced nurses opinions.

The ONLY reason that there is a comparison is I live less than a mile from Corona Regional. Is it still worth the drive to Hoag? It sounds like it, but I just wanted other opinions.

Thank you!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I personally wouldn't want to deal with the upper-middle class clientele in Irvine, but that's only my humble opinion. In addition, I'd love to live only a mile from my workplace.

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care. Has 11 years experience.

Yeah, I'm leaning more towards the job right down the street. Especially since I have a new baby at home. The only thing that sucks is the hospital has a poor reputation, although it got bought last year and they are supposedly trying to "amp up" their status and eventually increase in size and bring more complex services.

I think being able to walk to work is a great advantage in more ways than one. I would calculate the transportation savings and set that amount aside for the baby's education or some other worthy expenditure. Good luck with whichever job you choose.


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This is a decision only you can make...weighing the pros and cons. Corona does have a lousy rep. But not too many hospitals, especially in the IE have good ones.

Look at Parkview, its been in/out of bankruptcy since I moved here in 2002! But it still employs and is still open!

Every hospital has its niches, there is no department that is run like a "well oiled machine". With that said, I am NOT defending Corona, but just saying no matter where you work, you will always hear the complaints from patients that didn't feel they rec'd good care...thus giving hospitals a bad rep.

How often do you hear about the pts. that got fantastic care? I've gotten to the point in my career, I don't listen to the reputations and figure it out for myself, doing the best nursing care I can provide and assisting the department I work in to run as smoothly as possible. Reputation doesn't change that fact that I do have a job and I'm making a salary.

Anyway, I don't know where you got the info that Corona was bought out...Universal Health Services (UHS INC.) bought and still own Corona since 2003. It is for profit...and believe me they can penny pinch. UHS Corporate people are always making rounds there and instilling their values and what they want implemented in that hospital in order to improve its reputation. (BTW, the new CEO there used to be a RN! Rare for an administrative person)

Corona is a smaller hospital than what you are used to, so you won't get the higher level ICU patients. NO Neuro, no heart surgeries, etc....As a new mom, you may feel that a downgrade of higher acuity patients may be better for your stress level :)

On another note: Hoag Irvine...(used to be Irvine Regional Hospital) bought about a year or so ago by Hoag and remodeled. Looks nice. This hospital also is small. So the ICU acuite level patients will be a lot less. I don't know how it would be working at Hoag Irvine since it just opened. (only heard about Hoag, Newport Beach).

While Hoag Irvine is further away, it is an easier commute than Hoag Newport. Yes, it is easier working the night shift..If you take the 91 and toll road 241, you will end up right there upon exit of the 241. Keep in mind the cost of the toll road with your pay. (~$10+/day worked). Plus is Hoag Irvine Union? There will be Union dues. (Hoag Newport is Union). Corona is NOT Union.

Because of Hoag's external reputation, you will always get a smile from people when you tell them you work at "Hoag" vs. saying "Corona" You have to consider the the reputations and upkeep for the cities they are located (Irvine, Newport Beach $$$ however, does not insure better nursing pay by any means)

....but again, its a job and certainly never written in stone, as one can always change workplaces. All depends whether you want the better situation of your work place being closer to home for you and you new family; or the stigma of that smile you get when you tell people you work at Hoag.

This is just my opinion as an experience nurse....who's worked good and bad reputation hospital.

PM me if you have further questions.

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care. Has 11 years experience.

Thank you for the replies! Even though the interview went well at Hoag I think they skipped on me because I didn't have an entire two years of ICU experience that they wanted. Corona is actually probably a better decision anyway with the stress of the new baby. We will see how it goes, but I can walk to work, and see my baby, and it has great health insurance.

Fingers crossed!

I appreciated everyones responses so much, this is a great site.