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I am a new grad getting ready to apply to a very small rural hospital. Since they are so small they still accept applications/resumes old school, via fax and mail!

Should I address and send my app to human resources, or should I take advantage of the fact that I can send it directly to the unit's nurse manager?


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I would suggest making a phone call to the facility to get this information - along with the name of the person to whom it should be addressed. Heck, you may even get lucky and make a quick informal connection that will give you a leg up in the job hunt.

All of the above, to ensure they receive it.

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i recommend a multifaceted approach. you arein the fortunate position of not having your resume lost in computer world. youhave the ability to make a personal contact. take advantage of that!

having counseled many new graduated nurses inmy career, i know what works and personal contact is defiantely whatworks. yes, i would submit my resume tothe hr department and the unit manager both, i would also hand deliver them andprovide my cover letter and reference letters from nursing instructors. before i left those informal meetings i wouldask if we could “schedule at time to meet and discuss the positions further.”

be proactive. don’t seem over zealous but give the air of confidence and the attitudeof a go-getter. i have used thisapproach since i was a teenager and, 9 times out of 10, if i can meet with you faceto face or talk with a prospective employer on the phone, i land the job.

this approach recently worked for mystep-daughter and she was hired less than a month after passing nclex. *it should be noted that she submitted herresume less than 2 weeks before her hire date*

best wishes and please post how your Job Search goes foryou.


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Fax and/or send to BOTH and then you can use that as a way to make follow up calls. "I am just calling to be sure that you got my application materials and that you have everything you need, I'm so interested in working at (insert name here)...blah blah blah."

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