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Which degree would look better for nursing school?

by Sammy89 Sammy89 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I'm a pre-nursing student from Ontario currently finishing up a BA in Anthropology with the intention of applying to a second entry nursing program next year. I will have all my prerequisites finished by the time I apply. Given that I had some poor grades in my first year of university, I am looking at other things that may bolster my application, including switching my major.

In your opinion, which might look better to an admissions office when applying to a school in Ontario, a BA in Anthropology or a BS in Psychology? I love Anthropology, but feel that a background in Psych might be more applicable to working with people on a more intimate level. I understand it may not matter and that prerequisite grades are more important, as I said I'm just looking to see if there is anything else I can do to further my chances.

I would appreciate any feedback and any advice from others who may have encountered a similar road block on their paths into nursing :) Thanks!

I really dont think it matters, as long as you have your prereqs done. I did my undergrad in sociology, got c's in some of my pre reqs n got into uoft .

Daisy_08, BSN, RN

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If by second entry you are talking about the two year fast track program for people with science degrees then neither will help. Ontario requires a BsCN to practice nursing. Therefore if you have a science degree you are able to get credit for those courses. (and not just any science degree, usually the most rigors programs-friend who had a bsc and was denied entry). Any other degrees you apply to the basic stream. If you like anthro, then I'd stick with it, psychology might be good if you want to get into mental health. You should get credit for some courses, and maybe not all as the nursing universities believe your electives need to be taken from a wide variety topics. Good luck

joanna73, BSN, RN

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A degree in psych will definitely be an asset later on if you decide to specialize in mental health nursing, but aside from prerequisites, the schools don't care what your initial degree was.

Thank you all for replying. I figured the prerequisite grades were really what mattered in the end, though I wanted opinions anyway.

I don't plan to specialize in mental health nursing, however, that could change after I get out there and get some experience. Perhaps, given this information, I will just stay in Anthropology and continue with my science prerequisites. It's just stressful because second entry programs are highly competitive (well, all nursing programs seem to be competitive). I suppose I have to stop over thinking it and just get the grades and volunteer experience I need then go for it and apply.

Thanks again!


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Considering you will need to sumit all your transcripts, it's not going to matter which degree you have, just long as your pre-req's are done.

Just to make you feel better, prerequisites can CERTAINLY help your application out. I finished an art degree and when I wanted to enter the nursing profession, I focused really hard and completed all my prerequisite courses in a year. I got accepted into a second degree nursing program right after as well. The nursing office actually told me I wouldn't have a high chance of getting into the nursing program because my previous degree was art and not science related. They made it sound how extremely competitive it was and I felt like I didn't have much hope. In the end I got in with an alright cumulative GPA along with really good grades in my prerequisite courses.

But trust me, I was really stressed too! But you can do it!