Which classes are easy or difficult for ADN to BSN at UTA?

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  1. I would take the online classes with UTA

    • Intro to Sociology
    • US History to 1865
    • US History since 1865
    • State and Local Govt- Texas
    • Art Appreciation
    • College algebra
    • Statistics
    • US Literature

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Which classes do you wish you had taken at another college instead of UTA due to difficulty or time consuming? My local college offers the following classes at a decreased cost. The classes I need for my BSN is:

SOCI 1311 Intro to sociology

HIST 1311 History to 1885

HIST 1312 History since 1865

GOVT 2312 Texas Govt

ARTS 1301 Art appreciation

MATH 1302 College algebra

MATH 1308 Statistics

ENG 2329 US literature

Which classes would you NOT take at UTA due to difficulty or time required?

Which classes would you take at UTA?

It appears that the history classes must be very time consuming so I will probably take those locally.

Thank you in advance!!!

I would take both history classes and stats in a community college.

The government classes, english classes and art I would take in UT Arlington. I don't know about sociology, algebra or psych classes, because i took those prior to UT Arlington and just transferred my credits.


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Take history and math elsewhere.


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I would take all of my pre-reqs at a community college. I took developmental psych and college algebra at my local community college and both classes, including books, only cost about $100 more than one UTA class. I would particularly look into taking college algebra elsewhere. A lot of nurses at my job go to UTA and I heard the same complaints about the math class over and over. Poor instruction and the cost of taking proctored tests.


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I dropped the Algebra and US History courses. Algebra's online instruction was terrible. They would give an example of something new and show you steps A and C and assume you knew B. I am a "see one do one teach one" person, and if I can't see it, the rest is moot. I will take Algebra at my community college.

US History assignments! Are you KIDDING me? Forty-two assignments in 15 weeks is ridiculous for a gen-ed online course, but in 8 weeks it was impossible. I just couldn't find time for it all. It was a lot of busy work.

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DO take your math class at community college!


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Wish I had taken both History classes at my local college because the workload for these at UTA was CRAZY! I also wish I had taken stats at my local college because the UTA course was very very difficult. Before stats, I had a 3.9 GPA, then I made a C in stats and brought it down. I tool Sociology at UTA and made an A, no problems there. I took college algebra at my local college and I am glad I did. I took lit 2329 at my local college because UTA did not offer it when I needed it.


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I wish I had read this before enrolling in this history class! It's so time consuming I can't keep up. I'm dropping it!


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What community college can you take Texas Govt? Is it online by any chance?

Bumping. I'm waiting to hear about history and art, if anyone wants to add insight 

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