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So I'll be starting my nursing program next year in the fall. What and where should I start to learn in order to have somewhat of a, "leg-up" in nursing school?

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Try taking a CNA course and getting a part-time job doing patient care. I was a patient care tech before (and during) school and it certainly made clinicals easier...

My answer is: Nothing!

Relax and enjoy your time off before school starts. Once it starts you're going to be so busy.

^^^ absolutely agree with Jedrnurse! Most strikingly, I was so at-ease in my first clinical: other students looked like deers in headlights, but I was confident in the basics of patient care, at least.

Other than that, I really recommend you get a comprehensive review book: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination book was very helpful though-out the program: they go though many of the conditions and procedures you learn about in class, and is excellent for reference. Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy was also a great resource for learning those meds.

But really, take time to relax and charge-up those batteries! Don't get obsessed yet- there will be time once you're in the program to stress about everything you don't know :dead:

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What and where should I start to learn in order to have somewhat of a, "leg-up" in nursing school?

Well, Nurse2b_cook, as Horace said "He who has begun has the job half done".

You've become a member of a really great nursing website and are putting out feelers and asking questions, so your journey in getting a "leg-up" in nursing school is half done!

The best to you!

I wouldn't stress too much over getting a jump on the information. You can probably spend some time finding websites and video channels that work for your learning style so that you can save some time when you're in the program.

I also wish I had focused a bit on medical terminology before I started--at least the prefixes, suffixes, and root words. It's definitely helpful to know when you are trying to remember a bunch of terms or figure out what something could be.

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Honestly I would just enjoy your summer and enjoy having freedom!! Once fall hits you will have very little free time to enjoy, so forget about the fact you are going to nursing school, enjoy today!


Like a week before class read your assigned chapters an power points to be prepared for class...other than that dont stress

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