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Where is the pm icon for suzanne4?

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Hello everyone,

I have been looking for suzanne's pm icon to obtain the second tip of her study plan. If anyone can help I would appreciate it, thanks.

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Open the thread where she posted her first tip & click on her name. It will open a box where you'll see an option to pm her. You can do that from any of her (or anyone elses) posts, but that's the quickest one to find without searching.

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new revised first tip of suzanne's plan

[/url] here is the updated version. please follow it carefully before contacting me. the first tip or step needs to be completed in its entirety before i can do anything to help you pass the nclex exam. this works for the rn, as well as pn exam.

complete the first tip exactly as it is written. no changes should be made to it, and it does not matter if you used the same book thru school. the first tip must be followed exactly as it is posted.

contact me via pm only after you have completed the first tip. not via e-mail address. and i do not save pms or e-mails, so if an e-mail address is not included, there is nothing that i can do. and please be respectful of my time, i will get to your pm, but if there are multiples, then it will take longer to respond and for me to do a mailing. they are done only by group, and not individually. i do not charge for my program, but you need to follow my requirements.

you will need only one book, and anything else that you have needs to be put away.

saunder's comprehensive review for the nclex-rn or the pn exam.

latest edition required if you want the new format questions, suggest that you get this version.

now for the review, which is the first tip, and there is a complete six week program that comes only from me once this is done.

1. you are to complete the quiz at the end of each and every chapter.

2. do not read the chapter first.

3. if you get 75% or more on the quiz, then go onto the next chapter, if you get less, then read the chapter and your score should now be over 90%.

simple as that for the review. if you know the material, you can complete it in just a couple of days, or you may need to read the chapters, and it could take you a month to complete.

if you are retaking the exam, please give yourself at least two months to prepare, if not longer. the worst thing that you can do is give yourself a deadline if you do not feel comfortable with the material in the first place.

and the other worst thing that anyone can do to prepare is to cram, and i am unable to help any of you that wish to go that route. it just does not work for the nclex exams.

good luck to you.balloons.gif

suzanne rn, bs, mba

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re: new revised first tip of suzanne's plan

please contact me when the first tip is completed. cannot do anything before. and via pm only.

you must include:

the date that you are testing.

rn or pn exam.

graduation date.

taken the exam before.

and most importantly, you must include an e-mail address.

only group mailings are done about every two weeks.

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