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Just curious. I am an Idaho native, and I still can't get used to this weather. It was really warm a week or two ago, and today it is in the low thirties, and going to be in the teens tonight for the trick or treaters!(It snowed two days ago):eek:


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Hey, that is th same weather my wife said she had in Spokane. Down here in San Jose, CA it was in the 80's all week. Now getting cooler and raining.

In Jan we are going to start looking for a place to buy around Sandpoint.



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It's been shorts and t-shirt weather up until yesterday.....today, it's been snowing all day!! Damn that Nevada weather...sure keep you on your toes, though!!!


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I Was Born In Caldwell, Id, But Raised In Alaska. Idaho Cold Is Nasty Cause Its So Damn Dry.

Alaska Cold Is Like 50 Below. Its Funny Cause At 10 Below, If You Suck In Through Your Nose Real Fast, It Freezes The Snot. A Simple Test To See How Cold It Is When You Dont Have A Thermometer.

Tid Bit Of Knowledge That Will Get You Far In Life...


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I love idaho winters cause it aint that cold..or it dosent feel as cold...in chicago is so cold u can feel it all the way to ur bones..and yea well have 70 deg and the next day itll be 20 below...or have a week below zero weather and then the next week 30 degrees...thats when u come out on sweaters..and wash ur car.. Lol..

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