Where do I report fraudulent nursing programs?


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Supposedly, there is a school called National Medical Academy here in Detroit that offers a nursing program. I have the address to this supposed school and it's not listed anywhere in the directory. I've also looked on the NCLEX website to see if they have a program code that students will need in order to sit for the NCLEX and there is not one. There are two threads on this school in the Michigan forum:



My conclusion is that this program is a complete and utter scam and it gives our profession a bad name. So I am going to this address on my day off to see where this program is at, amazingly, its down the street from my work so I won't have to go far. I just want to see if this program is for real. If it is not, where do I file a report?


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I believe it's already been exposed. But for future reference you can always Contact the Michigan Board of Nursing with questions and complaints. Sorry I dont have the number handy.


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There was an article recently in the Detroit Free Press but it was regarding another facility. I will look on the Michigan state website for a number to call.


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Contact the Michigan State Attorney General.


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I'm gonna look more into this. I'm gonna go to the address on my day off and see if what I've read so far is true.


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wow. I couldn't imagine finding out my school wasn't ligit!

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