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  1. JenPen2332

    Post here about your new grad hiring woes....

    I'm in the bay area, and let me tell you I would start looking out of state pronto. I wised up after 6 months of looking/working for free in a RN residency in the bay area. Not to mention, many other states including the ever so talked about Texas are wising up to us CA new grads and only hiring new grads from the area to prevent people from just staying a year and leaving. I took a job out of state and start this month. I was very stubborn about not moving and now I wasted 6 months... Good luck
  2. JenPen2332

    New grad program at Kaweah Delta, Visalia??

    I was offered one of those positions a month ago but ended up turning it down for another job, but I was impressed with the training offered. It seems they are very supportive of new grads and have many staff members available during the dayshift to assist you. Ex. 2 pharmacists in the unit all day, at least one ICU Clinical nurse specialist, and a clinical nurse educator. I was very impressed and they all seemed very friendly and non-judgmental towards new grads in ICU. (I was introduced to them during the interview) Great job, besides the area which is not at all desirable. Unless you have some family or friends it seems a little rough. But I'm sure you will enjoy the position. Congrats.
  3. JenPen2332

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    Thank you for the article, it's always nice to stay up on the latest news. But, I can't help but think: blah, blah, blah. Tell that to the hundreds of new grads to experienced nurses who can't find work. Not to mention, doesn't anyone take into account that nursing schools are graduating twice as many RNs than just a few years ago to deal with this supposed shortage? Many programs were only graduating a class once a year, now that is rare. Also, the rates of completion are way up from a few years ago. I think we'll be okay. It seems every other person I run into is a nurse, is going to nursing school, or is taking their prereqs. And their sister, brother, and best friend are too. And since when do nurses retire at age 50? Many work much, much later that than. Heck, some were almost that age in my nursing program!
  4. JenPen2332

    120 hrs for License

    Is the problem that you cannot find work to complete these hours?
  5. Being a new nurse, I have not gotten to the point yet of being burned out by nursing. But I definitely see that a large portion of the nurses (more experienced and not) feel the same way as what I am reading here. My question, is there anything I can do to prevent getting burned out? Is there something you wished you had done differently? After 6 months of job searching and taking a job across the county and leaving my family, I would hate to soon loathe my job on top of this relocating mess. Any helpful suggestions?
  6. JenPen2332

    CRNA profession saturation and new graduate CRNA?

    I don't have the answers for you, but I must say that it is smart for you to be looking into this. I only wish I would have been better prepared for the job shortage for RNs before I graduated this May. I've thought quite a bit about perusing CRNA in the next 5-10 years. Now I am much more hesitant after the shock of being unable to find work as a new grad for 6 months. It's very scary to enter into such a difficult and expensive program without knowing what the job market will be like in the future. I have seen several job postings for CRNAs which all say 2 years experience, which made me wonder if the same thing that is happening with new grad RNs will also be the same case for CRNAs, if its not already. About the statistics that speculate there are a large number of CRNAs looking to retire, this surprises me. It seems everywhere I've worked that the CRNAs are the youngest people in the room! Many seem to go back to school asap after graduating. I hope this is true... What program did you enter? ( if you don't mind answering) Good luck!
  7. JenPen2332

    GN's paid more than experienced staff is this typical!

    This exact thing happened to me at another job before nursing. A coworker left and then returned a year later, and was started at much higher than the rest of us who had even more experience. I was furious and brought it up to the manager and then the corporate managers. Amazingly they gave the rest of us with equivalent experience the same raise and even paid us back-pay for many months of underpay for our experience. I would definitely address the issue with management.
  8. JenPen2332

    My first nursing job!!

    Yay! Congrats. I'm not sure if you joined the ranks of the large group of us new grads who have been so desperate to get a job this past 6 months or more and posting on this website about it, but I also just got a job! I have to move many states away, but I've come to terms with it and I'm so excited. I think many of us made similar choices and just moved away... Congrats! yay for us!
  9. JenPen2332

    Dear preceptor

    That has been m experience twice with horrible, demeaning preceptors. I've even been told by them that is the only reason they do it. I wish there was some sort of feedback that went to their managers at the end of these preceptorships.
  10. JenPen2332

    WHO is Hiring in California?

    try the fresno/visalia area. I got a job offer at kaweah delta in visalia a month ago that I turned down. (got another job, out of state) The area isn't the best but hey...
  11. JenPen2332

    RN New Grad- can't find a job!

    No, not at all. I don't see it getting better personally. I did however take a job many states away, but in the bar area it is still very bad and just getting worse as the December class has just graduated. I spoke to several nurse recruiters today in the area who said they are advising people to not even go to nursing school for several more years, especially if you are considering ADN programs...I was shocked. BUT, one did say that it can't possibly get any worse, so it can only go up from here! Good news, right?
  12. JenPen2332

    cost to train a new grad

    This is very encouraging. Thanks for your input. I agree that it is substantial how much more training a nurse needs after spending so many years in school to be able to function in the role of an RN. However, I would not say that a new graduate needs to be taught everything there is to know to get through a shift. I think we deserve a little more credit then that. Geesh. And sometimes its easy to forget that we all started out as new graduates, even experienced nurses (that means you :), and probably expected to reap the rewards of the incredible amount of work put into becoming an RN, and eventually we do want some form of reimbursement for his hard work. And so what if a hospital has to fork out some $$ to train a nurse. Nurses are the backbone of the hospital and it's interesting that when they hospitals are taking away raises and such that they report 7 million dollars in profit last year...ect... Just saying, try to remember what it was like when you were a new nurse. I'm sure we all have the same expectation, to put our time in and get something out of it. A job preferably!
  13. JenPen2332

    Hospital Falters as Refuge for Illegal Immigrants

    "There are two groups of immigrants. Those that come here because they can make way more then they can at home, and send it all back out of the country to their families back home, until they have enough saved up that they can go back and live happily. You know, the ones that are milking the system. On the other hand, there are those that come here because it's the only chance they have." I'd like to know why Americans see to argue the reasons behind illegal immigration matters. Does anyone care why people who commit crimes such as stealing or using illegal drugs? Many of these people come from horrid backgrounds and feel forcing into their situation, but the punishment is the same. We don't sit around and classify them as "those who use illegal drugs due to severe abuse as a child",etc... BOTTOM LINE: It is a crime to come and reside in a country illegally. Not to mention absorb the benefits such as welfare, our schooling system, job workforce, without putting your taxes in. So it should not even be a factor what their reasoning for committing a crime is. It is unbelievable how the government is going to legalize this mess and soon be covering their healthcare...
  14. JenPen2332

    Before nursing school I wish I knew.....?

    I wish I knew that I would graduate, apply for hundreds of jobs, and 6 months later still be unemployed...