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Hi everyone! I am going to be graduating in May and am willing to relocate to improve my job hunt success. I was wondering where the best place to relocate would be. Any tips or general areas looking for nurses are appreciated. Thank you!

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Um, where are you now? What type of degree?


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BSN in Montana

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Indiana is a great place. Reasonable cost of living. Indianapolis has plenty of jobs and new grads do well.

Curious as to why you are leaving Montana? Is it home?

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I have relocated several times in my life. It can get lonely to be in a new place, with no friends, while you are under stress working in a new job, in a new career, trying to adjust to a whole new stage of life, while making the already difficult transition from student to professional.

My suggestion is to go somewhere with a friend - 2 or 3 go together so that you can provide companionship and emotional support for each other. Either that or go someplace where you have family or friends. Is the job market really that bad in Montana? If you can find a OK job, maybe work for a year or two in order to make that transition from student to professional first, then move away if you still want to. Finally if you must move, go somewhere with good travel connections between there and your social support systems. (Cheap flights, do-able drive, etc.)

Make sure you have social support available during that first year. There are many posts on this site from nurses who feel isolated and in need of emotional support during their first year of practice. Read them -- and learn from them. Make sure you have support available as a new grad. Do you have experience being totally alone in a strange city while being in a stressful situation?

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Congratulations and how exciting! I've moved many times for my nursing career... starting out as a travel nurse going solo and then moving for grad school and other roles to grow my career. Moving to a new city can push you out of your comfort zone in a good way- it helped me become more extroverted and learn how to make friends more easily. The first month is really hard, push through then in time it gets easier. If you are young enough not to mind having a roommate or 2, this can really ease the loneliness factor of being in a new place. Yes the first year is a reality shock- I would stick to an easy flight home so you can reach back to your social support network. Figure that you will be there for at least a year, maybe more depending on if you sign a residency contract.

As far as location, keep in mind what your goals are for the first job- and try to get into a good residency where you might meet some other transplants to explore with. Pick a distance that you are good with being away from home, and research the job markets for new grads in those areas. Also look at housing costs and starting salaries for new grads. Being that you are in Montana - would look in the Seattle area (I haven't lived there in a few years but had a great experience at the University of Washington Med Ctr- tho housing pricing now is crazy) ---- Boise (not too far away, fun outdoor stuff to do, sunshine) --- Minneapolis/St.Paul (vibrant, lots of healthcare happening, nice Minnesota people) --- I'm not familiar with other areas in the Midwest like Iowa and Nebraska but why not look at some of their health care systems and see what might interest you.

Another approach is to ask yourself- what is your dream? Surfing in San Diego? Living in New York City? This is your time, especially if you don't have to worry about family responsibilities of children or aging parents, so if there is someplace you have dreamed of living, and you can get into a good residency, go for it and all the best.


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Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! You really made my day and had great advice