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Where to get my books in Bham for my A&P 1 class?

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Anyone get their books at the school book store? Or does everyone get them online or some where else? I just signed up for class today and would like to get my books. They are so expensive! Good thing Im taking only one class.

well when I was at UAB if i didnt get them at the school's bookstore I got them at Snoozys. Snoozys is usually a bit cheaper. Sometimes I'd order them online but if there wasnt enough time then local places are best.

AP book at UAB was $200 and hard to find anywhere else. Its one of those books I will always keep since it cost so much.

Get the ISBN # for the book you will need and go to http://www.allbookstores.com and it will find the cheapest price for you. The shipping is rapid as well.

I went to nursing school at Gadsden State and had no problem finding my books on there and saved alot of money.

I think I may have bought one book from the school bookstore.


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Lots of books! I sell books there, but its a great place to go and get new or used books.

Good luck!

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Snoozys is a good place to get them. Also, as far as websites.. if you have the ISBN# you can check amazon.com or textbooks.com


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Thanks for the help. After doing all resaerch and driving to snoozys Ive decided to order online at textbooks.com. I can get a new book for $5.00 more than a used one at snoozys. I really want a new book and I think its a book I will want to keep.

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