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Where Did This "A" Come From?


Pardon the gloat, but Holy Cow! I somehow managed to pull off an A in nursing 2! I had conceded long ago that I was destined for a B this semester and was okay with it. (I'm usually an A student, but this class was really rough!) I wasn't looking forward to 9 credits of a B and how that would bring down my GPA, but aparently I gained enough steam on the last 2 tests to put me in range of the A. (I wasn't paying much attention because I thought the A was not a possibility.) I needed a 94 on the final to make it (an A is 92%) and I got a 95! WHEEEEE!!!!!

They posted the scores within 2 hours!

I'm sooooo ready for a break. I'm going to go snuggle up in front of the tv and watch White Christmas with some eggnog and cheese & crackers....totally guilt free!


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:balloons:Congrats! :balloons: :Santa1:

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Congrats. Keep up the good work!

Congrats!!! I had to do a physical exam today too and thought I would do awful! I got a %97 !!


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Woot for those good grades, ya'll!!! Congratulations and let the good times roll during the christmas pause from school!!! Chocolate for everyone!

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