Where do CNA's work (other than the hospital)?

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where do CNA's work?? (other than the typical 12 hr shifts in the hospital). I will have my CNA after I finish this semester as an RN student and would like to start working right away but the 12 hour shifts are not an option.

they work in cbrf's, extended care(nursing homes), some clinics, homecare, they have a number of choices

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Not all hospitals or units are on 12 hours shifts. Many offer 8 hours shifts. And to answer your question, many CNAs work in long term care facilities. You might also see some in other residential care facilities like assisted care living, or psychiatric assisted living.

I worked as a CNA in homecare while I was going to school The hours were very flexible and even offered shorter shifts such as 3-4 hours. It made it possible to get homework done, study for tests, and possibly have an ounce of a social life. =-) Good luck!

There are a variety of medical facilities where a CNA might work. This includes nursing homes, mental health facilities, long-term care organizations, assisted living facilities. CNA’s may even work for private homes, or for organizations that provide home care.


flexible is definately what I need. I only have 1 free day available a week. was hoping I could do it once/week

The first job that I had after getting my CNA license was as a home health caregiver for a boy with major disabilities. I actually found the job on craigslist, and I only worked 8 hours every Saturday. It was great because it was quiet and I had a fair amount of down time to study.

I work at a pain management office on Thursdays after class and Fridays, and I'm a CNA. The hours are pretty flexible, and no weekends!!!

Almost anywhere that you find a nurse, you'll find a CNA, except for surgery or something similar.

Do you know what type of nursing you want to do after graduating? If so try to find a part time job as a CNA at that type of facility. To be honest…you are not going to get much experience at a LTC facility other than changing briefs


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