Where are the catheters?

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We usually have DeLee suction catheters avalable at each delivery. For several weeks we have been out of stock, and rumor has it it's a nationwide shortage.

Anyone else have this problem? I'd like to know if it's true, or the if the particular manufactor is having problems.

We are using 10 Fr suction caths for now, with no end in sight. I'd rather use the DeLees!


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I have not heard of a shortage.......hmmm


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Yep, here in Tallahassee, FL we have been out for weeks. Back order is all we are told. It really sucks. Then, to top it off, we ran out of 8 fr Suction catheters, which is what we were using to replace them. Those came in, but still no Deelee!!!!!

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I started this thread 18 months ago, and now it's happened again. We've been out of DeLee's for several weeks, "on backorder" we've been told. We do around 350 deliveries a month, don't you think someone in Purchasing could find a different supplier?

Try suctioning thick mec with an 8 fr suction cath! That's what was set up on the warmer.

Just venting. We get so tired of running out of things, and working night shift means that we can't make the phone calls. (I'd love the call the head of Purchasing at 2am, but that would make certain people very unhappy).


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Could you use pediatric feeding tubes or red rubber Robinson catheters in the meantime? Or Salem Sump NG tubes?

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A 10 will fit and is OK for the thick meconium and mucus.

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A 10 will fit and is OK for the thick meconium and mucus.

Thanks, we are supposed to have those, but that's not what was set up at that delivery.

Does anyone else have a shortage, or is it just us? I tend to think it's a purchasing problem. The same as running out of emesis basins and fracture pans........

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