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Where can I work...I need help please!


Ok so I am new to this blogging stuff but it seems to work for alot of people i know so here it goes.

I am a mother to an eight month old boy. He is my life and the reason why i am trying to better myself. I have applied to Baptist Health Schools in Little Rock, AR. I plan to start January or July of 2010. But i can not afford not to have a job while in school. I have tried to apply at Baptist in Little Rock but it seems every position that i am qualified for is an 8-5 job. I'll be in school during that time so obviously i can'y do that. I have been in banking for 2 years now and i have never worked in the healthcare industry. My mom and sister are both nurses and my brother was on a medivac unit. So i am pretty familiar with medical terminology. So does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do? I would like to keep my Sundays as they are now which is family time. Its the only day all three of us can be together. Please Help me!


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I got through nursing school by working a part-time private caregiver/nanny job for a young girl with various mental and physical disabilities. It was very flexible. I found the job on Craigslist. However, that is here in TX. (I am moving to NW AR in a couple of weeks to finally work as an RN.)

My BFF is a professional nanny, and she has kept my Godson with her while working from pregnancy to now...and he is almost 4 years old. There are options for mothers in school as long as there are mothers who need child care. Good luck in your search!

All I can say is good luck finding that perfect job. While you are in nursing school, you will be required to study all the time, then class, then clinicals. Baptist places the highest demand on time because they have clinicals multiple times a week and for long hours. UALR is probably the most time friendly school. I got through nursing school while working 16 hour shifts on the weekends. You cannot go through nursing school without making some sacrifices with family.

Also you may want to try some of the youth Residential facilities. Many have pool shifts and you could very well work Fri night Saturday all day and keep your sundays. Even may be able to help M-T evenings when out of class. Just to name a few in the area. Pinnacle pointe hospital. Methodist children's home, youth home, inc., Center's, and bridgeway. Apply for the PRN positions.

Good Luck!

Home Helpers you can find in the phone book. There are others also. It's home health and what a nursing assistant would do. Someone told me the other day that they work a 2 hours a day and are there to just sit with them although she tidies up their kitchen.


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I worked as a Patient care tech at Children's while in school. They have FT, PT and Zero based positions that work well around school. Good luck!