Where can I take Prereqs online that are accredited in CA?

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Im looking to take my science prereq classes online for my nursing program and I'm in search of a school that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. I know tuiu.edu is accredited which is located in cypress, CA but it cost like $1000 per course or $250 per credit. So if anyone can direct me to an online accredited class for micro,chem,anatomy/phys with labs of course I would appreciate it. Schools located in California would be superb. Thank you!

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I would recommend against taking the science prereqs online unless you have a decent amount of science/healthcare background. They can be pretty daunting courses even in a school environment.

Rio Salado Online. School is located in Arizona. Exams are proctored, but all work is done online so location is irrelevant. I took all the courses you need online while deployed and have since been accepted into an accredited program.

Best of luck!

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You will want to check with school's accreditation - make sure they are accredited by the same agency that accredits the school you want to apply to. Eg: Western Association of Community Colleges or Secondary Schools, etc. Also, be aware that some schools - like CSUS - add verbiage to their applications stating that you cannot take any science labs online - even if they are accredited.

Beyond that: check out excelsior, edukann, mgcc, ccconline, rio salado, cerritos

These are all accredited by the same (equivalent) agency that accredits community colleges and state colleges.

Good Luck!

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