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  1. Below are the classes I need and would like to take online. I am looking for something affordable or has some type of financial aid option. Any info will help, im located in CA and I would like to apply to SJVC Lvn-Rn bridge program. thanks nurses. ENG 1 Writing/Composition 3.0 MTH 55 Elementary Algebra 3.0 CHEM 3 General Chemistry 4.0 SPC 1A Intro to Public Speaking 3.0 BIOL 10 Human Anatomy 4.0 PHIL 1C Ethics 3.0 SOC 1 Intro to Sociology 3.0 BIOL 14 Microbiology 4.0 BIOL 45 Human Physiology 5.0 PSY 1 General Psychology 3.0
  2. mr.hustle

    Anyone living in Bakersfield?

    I figure I work during the week and all i want to do when i get home is rest. On my days off I like driving out to LA.
  3. Hello all, I am currently a LVN in California and wanted to know what my options would be in obtaining my RN in the Philippines. I have no general education under my belt because I went the "Private school" route. So would I have to go the full 4 years? Anyone have any info please drop me a line, or if you have suggestions that help in any way. thanks
  4. mr.hustle

    Im interested in EDUKAN.

    Hello all. I am interested in taking some classes with Edukan. I do have some questions to help me in my decision. Can someone please tell me about they're accreditation? do they have a link, i cant find it on the website. Are the exams/quizzes proctored or 100 % online? Do the quizzes/exams correlate with the outline or information studied? Any info on anything about this school will help. thanks
  5. mr.hustle

    looking for online Sociology or psychology. Help

    How are the classes at edukan? are they fairly easy? how would rate them?
  6. mr.hustle

    looking for online Sociology or psychology. Help

    is it 100% online?
  7. Okay I live in California, Im currently looking for a 100% online sociology or psychology class. Im looking for a summer or fall class that is open for registration now. I would prefer a college located in CA so that the cost per unit/credit wont be as much, but if I have to I will pay a little bit more, but not too much to take a online class at another out- of state school. thanks in advance.
  8. mr.hustle

    Ocean County College.

    Im doing some research on Ocean County College in New Jersey, One thing im confused about is the tuition fee for out of state student who wish to take an online class. It states on the website it is $234 per semester hour. (Is that like per credit) Also it states for distance learning it's $100 plus a DL fee. So which one is it, $234 per semester hour or $100 per class? Can someone please help me out with the answer? Also, for those of you who have taken online courses at Ocean County College can you please share your experiences with the classes? Such as, is there proctored tests? Group projects? Etc.. Also, are the text books online? or do you have to purchase one? For the Science classes do they require lab paqs? any info will help. thanks.
  9. mr.hustle

    Online Human Anatomy?

    I need a completely online "Human Anatomy" class. No proctored tests, No meeting in class once a week. All online. Please share your experiences with your school you went to. thanks in advance.
  10. I would like our Forums current "30 unit option" RN's to check in to this posting and please share with us your experiences of being a 30 unit option RN. Please share with us EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Mainly, have you had any trouble finding a job? Does your RN license state "30 unit option" on it, or does it look like any other RN license? Also, in terms of schooling how was it for you compared to your classmates who were obtaining theyre ADN or BSN? Again, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING . thank you nurses.
  11. I been on and off searching online, and alot of these other programs in other states included the prereqs needed as well as the nursing classes. Why doesnt ca have this?
  12. mr.hustle


    yeah but i heard so many bad things about the courses. Like it being unorganized and the exams are not even based on the agendas and things like that.
  13. mr.hustle


    Everytime I check my registration status for ccconline.org it states " You are not a student for the selected term. Please contact the registration office." whats that mean?
  14. mr.hustle


    sand_dollar what is the prereq for [color=#660033]human anatomy & physiology i
  15. mr.hustle


    is there a prereq for [color=#660033]human anatomy & physiology i?