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Where can I purchase a NURSING MEDICAL KIT?


I will be doing home visits pretty soon and would like to be prepared for anything.

Where can I purchase a "Nursing medical kit"? I seen alot of first aid kits and stuff for

emt's but nothing for nurses. Can someone please help me?

mamamerlee, LPN

Specializes in home health, dialysis, others. Has 35 years experience.

Generally, the agency will give you a water-tight plastic container to keep in your trunk. It may have a variety of wound care items, maybe some phlebotomy equipment, a trache care kit, a foley kit, some trash bags, a red bag for any true medical waste, and other items as deemed necessary. Most of the time, the patients have whatever they need, or you will be ordering it.

Best wishes! It helps to have your own stethoscope. I also have an automatic wrist BP cuff, and a finger tip Oximeter.

I work in homecare, and your agency should be providing you with your bag and your trunk supply which as the other poster stated will include basic things that you will need, basic dressing supplies, foley kit, trach kit, phlebotomy supplies, etc. If you want additional supplies, Hopkins Medical Supply has an array of things, or you can search for specific things, but they are pricey! Or look for a medical supply pharmacy near you. I like to keep some extra sterile gauze, sterile q-tips, etc on hand in my car. Everything in home care is chargeable and the agency generally likes you to use their supplies and not purchase anything on your own--I only carry extra because I like to be prepared, and I have spend a nominal amount of my own money. I would invest in a good stethescope now, and wait to purchase any supplies until you go to orientation and see what they will be giving you, and what their policies are.