Where Can A 17 Year Old Work?!

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So I passed Cna exams both written and skills on the first try and im very proud of myself being only 17 now the real challenge is finding a job! Hospitals here in Texas well here in my city wont hire you unless you have a HS Diploma/G.E.D i know i can do this job and they said so themselves that i was very qualified for the job but since im still in HS They cant hire me So im here to ask Where Are Some Places Where they Hire 17 CNA's Any Help Please i really want to start working ASAP! :o

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You might look into a nursing home/long term care facility, but I think most places require that you've passed high school before they'll hire you as a CNA.

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Many facilities require you to also be the age of majority (18 in most states, 19 in states like NE) due to the fact that you cannot legally agree to follow policy such as HIPAA and confidentiality agreements.


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Most facilities want you to be 18 also due to the fact that you cannot legally operate lifting equipment until you are 18. Some facilities will probably still hire you but limit you to what you can do until you turn 18.


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I was 17, and had no health care experience when I got a job as an aide in a facility for the severely physically and developmentally disabled. I was in high school, and they worked around my schedule. I wasn't even a certified aide, they trained you at the facility. Try looking into that type of facility, you learn a lot and the residents really need people that care because there is such a high turnover in those types of facilities (in my experience).

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