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Ok, let me explain before I ask this question (ok, I guess I already did in the subject line, lol). Anyway....hubby and I are thinking about having another baby. I of course do NOT want to have a baby in the middle of a semester. Now...I'm starting the nursing program this fall and planned on taking micro with nursing 3 NEXT fall. And then I thought to try and get pregnant Sept. or Oct. to be due in the summer in between semesters. But then I decided I'd rather take micro in the summer because it's hard and I think it would be too much taking it with nursing 3. Sooooooo.....to those that have taken these classes, what would you do? What would be easier...taking mirco with nursing 2 or 3? I always hear how nursing 3 is hard because it's medsurg and from what I've hear around here, medsurg isn't pretty....so what to do? Thanks for any advice. :bow:


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I would take micro in the summer & put off getting pregnant till I graduate! But that's just me! Nursing school is tough on its on! You don't want the added stress of pregnancy & then a newborn! Good luck in whatever you decide!

Thank you! But I don't want to get pregnant and have to take time off from work to have a baby, ya know? That's why I want to have my having kids days behind me before I start working.


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i agree with the other post about taking micro in the summer and wait on the baby thing. but the ultimate decision relies on you. i would wait having a baby while in school, especially while in ns, too much time needs to be spent at school and let's not forget the studying time aside being from the classroom. if you have the opportunity to not have kids, wait, there's plenty of time in the future for you to have however many babies you and your hubby want. but don't complicate your life by having a baby right now when you know they require alot of time, and let's not forget also, the stress that both of you will have will be even more. if i'm sounding rude, i'm sorry, that's not my goal here, i'm just telling you from experience, i have a two year old boy that i love, but if i can re do everthing again, i would have waited until i was done with school and probably with 2 years experience at work. if you want a baby after you graduate, have one, and wait to go to work after you feel comfortable enough to leave your baby in a day-care or with someone to care for him while you're at work. sorry it's too long, but this is my opinion :D

good luck!


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I know what worked best for me was to take micro in the summer because then I had WAY more free time and could just focus on that class alone. I did antomy this way too, before entering the nursing program and I was so happy I did. Micro is tough for sure, at least our class was..I left every day wondering if the professor thought we were med students. So I would definitely get that out of the way!

As for the baby, I don't have any yet! However, there were actually 6 girls (out of 40!) of us that got pregnant at different times during nursing school and they all managed fine! I can see where it could get difficult balancing your course load/study time/husband time with a new baby. And God forbid it got sick and you had to miss clinical, or make up a test. I know at our school the make up tests were harder than the original ones!

Thanks all for your advice....I do appreciate it. And to Chapis...I don't think you were rude at all. I asked for opinions and you kindly gave yours. :) Sad to say....I still don't know what to do. I already have 2 kids (5 and 2) and it is hard and I'm not even in nursing yet, lol. Maybe if I'm not 100% sure then I'll wait.....I'd rather NOT get pregnant then get pregnant and regret it because of school. Anyway....thanks for the kind words!

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