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If I graduate in early December, when should I start a NCLEX prep. course?

Before you answer, let me include that I finish OB in May and then our class is off until August, when we will start psych and management. I would like to use on online program, but I do not know if they have a time frame in which I access the program. I would need a program that I can use from May to December.


P.S. I have Saunders, but I have a tendency to remember the answers if I have see the question once before (I just wish I could read textbook information once and remember it), so I cannot use it too much anymore unless it has some psych questions in it.

P.S.S. Does anyone want to sell any of their NCLEX review material now that you passed?

P.S.S.S Just kidding there is no P.S.S.S


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honestly you want it fresh in your mind.....

I took kaplan and they have a 3 month window period I believe to use their online resources.

I would recommend practicing NCLEX questions (if you want) in the summer. I don't think that's really necessary though. I would graduate and THEN start the program pretty quickly after that. I graduated last December and I started Kaplan right after the new year, then tested Feb 17th.

Whatever you do, make sure to test soon after you finish your review course!


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Our school has an exit exam and we just found out 2 months ago. If your school has an exit exam, I would highly recommend looking over NCLEX questions on material you have been taught. Just to keep it fresh. I plan on taking an online review through "Hurst Review" I need that before our exit exam in April. If we didn't have a exit exam, I probably would have taken Hurst after I graduated.

Good luck in OB.


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