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When to start studying?

I am currently taking my pre-reqs for transferring to a CSU to obtain a bsn. With all the classes I have to take and pass successfully, I won't be finish all pre-reqs until fall 2016 or Spring 2017 and from there, I should transfer to a CSU by Fall 2017 and etc.

When should I start studying or appropriate to start studying for the Teas exam?

If you know you are not good at math or English then you should take this opportunity to start studying now. It will not only help you get a competitive score on the Teas V but it will also help you on your journey of taking pre-reqs.

I don't have to take the Kaplan until January but I started studying the first week of August where I gave myself at least an hour everyday to either learn new things, review, or to practice. I will be taking Algebra this semester and I now feel prepared to take it, knowing that I suck at math. I can definitely tell my math skills have been improving.

So as I get closer to the month of January (as in Nov. and Dec.) I will increase my study hours. I need to score a 85% on the math section and my school only gives one chance to take it per student. So if I was to fail the math portion, I would be out of luck forever and can never apply to this school again.

After you've finished your pre-reqs, I'd give yourself a solid 2 months to review. The TEAS V is basically a review of all your pre reqs (biology, microbiology, a&p, chemistry, algebra, english, etc.) I've found Keshwani's videos on Youtube to be VERY helpful in conjunction with the ATI study guide and the TEAS PocketPrep app.

Consider this: many CSU's want you to complete your prereqs by the Fall prior to a Fall transfer (i.e. by Fall '16 prior to Fall '17), so by completing your prereqs in the spring of 2017, the list of CSU's you're eligible to apply to for Fall '17 will be limited. If you're intent on transferring to a CSU by Fall '17, I'd start studying during the '16 summer so that you could take the TEAS before the Fall '16 semester. If you're unsatisfied with your score, you could retake it during the winter break.


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