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  1. Sac State Nursing for Spring 2018

    There are some previous cohort threads on this site where I remembering seeing someone post a list of common medical abbreviations that you will be tested on in during the second week. You'll have to do some searching, but it's there, and I recommend...
  2. Sac State Nursing for Spring 2018

    You're welcome. Nursing school units don't compare with lower division units. You'll have 12 units in first semester, but it will feel like 24 units.
  3. Sac State Nursing for Spring 2018

    Good questions. Yes, I am working. I would say 80-90% of my cohort has either started working, or have been hired. There's a lot of variables that go into when you start looking and how long it takes to land a job. For starters, how soon you finish y...
  4. Sac State Nursing for Spring 2018

    I am a recent graduate of the program. I'd be glad to try my best to answer questions if anybody has them. One common question asked by people who get into the program (or any nursing program for that matter) is what they can do to prepare. My anecdo...
  5. Sac State Nursing for Spring 2018

    Having spoke with the nursing faculty about this, they had it changed because the large number of pre-nursing students retaking pre-requesite classes made registering for these classes challenging. Science faculty and department administrators from t...
  6. Sacramento State Spring 2017

    Good question. The only thing I wish I had done differently would have been to have taken a pharmacology class beforehand. Pharm is integrated into the curriculum, but having taken it before would have lessened the learning curve. I recommend buying...
  7. Sacramento State Spring 2017

    I am in my third semester and will be graduating in the Spring next year. I have no regrets about going to nursing school here at Sacramento State. It's an accelerated program in the sense that it's two years compared to two and a half or three years...
  8. Sacramento State Spring 2017

    The School of Nursing at Folsom Hall is having an open house tomorrow from 2-6 for anyone interested. There will be current students there to advise and answer questions, as well as tours of the simulation labs. Hope to see some of you there.
  9. Sac State Fall 2016

    Here's a hint: go to your csus mailbox and send everybody in your cohort an invitation and a link to the cohort Facebook page. You can search for classmates using the search option in the upper lefthand corner. People should slowly trickle in. Also, ...
  10. Sacramento State Spring 2016 Application

    Off the top of my head:Tuition and related fees are about $3,500/semester. Textbooks are either $455 (e-book bundle), or $755 (e-books + hardcover textbook), depending on which you choose. My understanding is that the bundle, which you are required ...
  11. Sacramento State Spring 2016 Application

    Congrats to those of you who were accepted. I can lend some info regarding the schedule during first semester. Each cohort is split into 8 clinical sections of ten. Four clinical sections will have Tuesday clinical rotations at the hospital and a Wed...
  12. Sacramento State Spring 2016 Application

    About the immunizations, I would call the school of nursing and explain your situation. They'll probably be lenient if there's any conflicts. Otherwise, yes, you can get them done now. If you have documentation of any past immunizations (MMR, Hep B,...
  13. Sacramento State Spring 2016 Application

    The list Jl0202 provided is similar to what our cohort received. There are a few differences, but it's not anything to worry about now. I'd just take care of the vaccines. If you don't have documentation, you'll need to get a blood titer done. If you...
  14. Sacramento State Spring 2016 Application

    This is a list of about 190 of the medical terms you'll be tested on during frontloading (your first 2 weeks). There's about another 20-30 terms that aren't on this list, but it's a good start. You'll receive an email with a list of all the medical a...
  15. Sac State Fall 2016

    I recommend retaking any prerequisites you have less than an A in (as long as it's only your second attempt at the course). Sac State SON will calculate your prereq GPA using the highest grade. Every point helps.