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When to start applying to New Grad Programs


Hi everyone!

I'm graduating this upcoming May from a traditional bsn program. I'm just wondering, what were/are your guy's timelines for interviews, getting hired, graduating, NCLEX, and starting the program?

I graduate May 9th. I'm also getting married at the end of May. I was hoping to go on my honeymoon the first week of June. If this would conflict with starting a job though, my partner and I would postpone our honeymoon.

Just curious on how it worked out for you guys. I have 2 more semesters left and I am so excited. I really love nursing and I can't wait to start my career! Thanks!!! :yes:


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Depends where you live. Generally, in my area, hospitals will toss your app unless you have a license number on it. I'd see what the general consensus is on that in your area.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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For May/June graduates most new grad residency/programs open applications in Feb/Mar. For December/January graduates the applications open in Sep/Oct.

If you applied with the earlier cohort your application will be automatically rejected as you aren't close enough to graduation.

In my area, like the other poster, applications submitted prior to graduation or without a valid license number will be automatically rejected. (New grad programs not included). There are hundreds of applications for a single opening in my area that those unqualified and/or without a valid state nursing license are automatically rejected.


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I would start researching programs in the area soon. Get serious about your research after the New Year, and look at the application cycles.

Different places will get the process going faster than others. Some will take you with an IP, others won't. You'll just have to look at each program individually.