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When to request Letters of Recommendation?


I'll be graduating w/ my BSN in December. Should I begin the process of requesting recommendation letters from my professors now? Do employers want general letters, or do I need to request a specific letter from my references for each job I apply to? :o (god, I hope that's not the case)

You advice is appreciated. :nuke:



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I would start asking them now especially while you are fresh in their minds. I only had my professors do a specific letter for an internship I was applying for but even that isn't necessary. A general recommendation letter is fine as well and less of a hassle cause you can just copy them and not have to ask your professors over and over for one. I would ask them for two copies as well. Some employers want you to submit recommendations in sealed and signed envelopes (esp. when applying for internships) and some may not so dont be afraid to ask them to put one in a signed and sealed envelope (if applicable) and one that is not so that you can make copies of those for other jobs that you apply for. Hope this helped! :)

Nakeia, that totally helped! Thank you!!!

Our school had us write generic letters of reference for one of the faculty to sign as a class assignment. This letter was then placed in our school folder. You might ask that a copy of one of your letters of reference be placed in your school folder for future use. I thought this was one of the useful assignments given to us.

I have ask each clinical professor after rotation. I ask specifically for them to point out any specific skill strengths, et cet as it related to their specific rotation. Theym aynot be specific to a particular position in the future, but the skills are pretty universal.

I agree with doing it early while you are fresh in their mind.

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Line up your recommendations NOW. It also doesn't hurt to stay in touch with those people every few months to keep you fresh in their minds. You do not want to wait a year or two, then contact them, HOPING that they remember good old "whatshername."

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