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For those of you who read the last post talking about this, sorry but I could not find it.....

A while ago I read a post that talked about MA's calling themselves, or their co-workers/bosses, or patients calling them nurses. the comments went into the fact that they are NOT nurses, it's against the law in some states for them to call themselves nurses and etc. after going to work over the next few days (at a out patient clinic) where they are LPN's, MA's, and CNA's, I realized that I was in the same environment, everyone claims to be a nurse. So my question is..... I am a graduate of a BSN program. I am currently working as a CNA until i take my NCLEX next month. Am I a NURSE yet? Must I be Licensed? It's a common sense question, I know the answer is not yet, after my exam I will be a nurse.... But when a patient calls, and I answer the phone I do answer there questions and concerns. Am i wrong for doing this because the patient thinks that they are talking to a real nurse? :uhoh21:

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Lots of people are part of the "nursing team" cnas, secretaries, etc. But I feel only licensed LPNs and RNs should consider themselves nurses. However, as a graduate nurse you can certainly answer questions where you know the answers. Anyone can answer questions on the phone. You have the education and training to qualify you for a registered nurse position, you certainly have more education than a CNA and if you can answer a question within your realm of knowledge, than answer it.

I don't think it's a good idea to allow others to think of you as nurse until you pass NCLEX and have that license.

Good luck!

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i agree with Tweety. you aren't a nurse until you are working under the title of the nurse and have already passed your NCLEX

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