When is or was your interview? How'd you do?

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My interview is NEXT FRIDAY. I am FREAKING OUT! When was your interview and how did you do???

Words of encouragement are appreciated!


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That's great that you have an interview! I was so freaking out over my interview, too, but preparation helps. I think you should be ready to answer fairly obvious questions like, "Why do you want to be a nurse?". Try to avoid the standard I-want-to-help-people answer...

Here's a sticky that deals with interview questions:


Try to relax, be yourself, and best of luck! You'll be great.:)

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I don't think we have an interview...thank God!! I hate interviews with a passion. lol

I did have to interview for my scholarship though....anyway......

Gooooood luck to you all!!!!!!!!!!


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We dont' have interviews either ( thank god!)....but here's hoping you rock it!

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