When do I get my ATT if I registered before graduating?

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Hello! I graduated this last Saturday, and my state's Board of Nursing just approved my degree on my application today. I'm waiting now for my Authorization to Test.

I know that you're supposed to receive your ATT within two weeks of registering with Pearson Vue for the NCLEX as long as your Board has deemed you eligible, but I paid the registration fee and registered back in January before I had my degree and therefore I wasn't eligible at the time.

 Since I registered so early before I had my degree, will this mess up me receiving my ATT? Or should I still expect my ATT within two weeks? I’m really antsy to take it since I’ve been studying for months now 😭 Thanks!

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It's typical to pre-pay for all graduation expenses at the beginning of your last semester before graduation. The school then sends out everybody's paperwork after graduation requirements are met.  The ATT should arrive as expected.  Granted it's been a minute since I graduated nursing school but I sure don't remember getting my ATT that fast though.  I graduated in early May, tested in mid to late June and got my license early in July. I doubt it's much faster now though your milage may vary depending on how many testing centers are in your area. If there's several of them getting the test scheduled after your receive your ATT may be sooner. 


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It actually came in the day before yesterday, I worried for nothing!! Thank you for your answer ☺️


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@hyena thanks for posting this question. I just want to ask a couple of questions because I’m graduating very soon too! Did you graduate from a California school? So you registered for the NCLEX two weeks before graduation right? Then a couple of days after graduation you got the ATT and was able to schedule an NCLEX test date? 
I’m just asking because I’m in the same position where I am graduating June 6, and plan to register for the NCLEX two weeks before graduation (May 23), so I want to get a timeline of when I’d potentially get the ATT because of future jobs I’m applying to.