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When do I contact the BON?


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I am getting married here next month and I want to know when I need to notify the BON, and when I can switch from signing my non married name to my married name........????????

Chin up

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As soon as your name is legally changed, you can begin using it. Notify the board at that time too. Congrats! Peace!

tokmom, BSN, RN

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After you are married then you can legally sign your married name even though your license says otherwise. Just get it changed soon.


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Been there, done that - - more than once! Are you sure you want to change your name??

Don't forget to change it on everything - your job, your driver's license, social security, any insurance, etc, etc!

BTW - best wishes!!!!!


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Oh - and all your credit cards, bank accounts, just about everything!!!!

If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change my name. Just sayin'

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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You'll have to get a certified copy of your marriage license. I actually recommend paying the extra for two or three of them. You'll need to change your name at the following places:

First: The social security office. They will need a copy of the marriage license. Your new social security card will be sent to you. This is your legal name change and you can begin using the name after you file these forms.

2. The DMV, to change the name on your drivers license.

3. Your bank account and credit cards who may ask to see the marriage license.

4. The BON, who will probably need you to send a copyof the marriage license

5. Your job- W4's, insurance, etc. Your insurance provider might want a marriage license copy.

6. Your passport- you'll need to send a copy of the marriage license.

I might have missed something, but I think that's all.


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Yep- same here. I'm not ever changing my name again. I know that when you're about to get married, you don't want to think about "what if", but a name change is SUCH a pain. No matter how in love I am, I'm not doing it again. Especially at this point where I have advanced degrees and I am known in professional circles by my maiden name. Let the man change his name if it's that important to him....

rkitty198, BSN, RN

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I was told 10 days after you have your name legally changed.

I have been married 10 years and never had it changed- too much of a hassle.