When should we hear from UAB re: Spring '11 admissions?

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I'm getting really anxious and trying to be patient as possible. Just wondering if they let everyone know at the same time or do they wait for people to accept? And if some deline acceptance, do they then go back and offer to more people? Does anyone know about how many are typically accepted each semester for FNP? Thanks for any info you may be able to provide.

Hi, lifes-a-beach,

Noticed you tried to post something in response to my question. However, it just says error. Maybe you could try again. I would love to hear what you have to say! Thanks!

Hey, my apologies. I realized you'd applied to UAB after I thought I was posting to a USA application board...then, I could only edit & not delete from my Iphone. I applied to the peds nurse practioner program at South Alabama for spring 2011 & am so anxious to hear from admissions. Best wishes with your program.

Thanks! Best of luck to you as well!

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I don't know how they decide, but I do know I applied this semester (deadline Sept 24) for Spring 11 and was told we would be notified the first week in Novemeber.

I currently attend UAB and a student in my class told me she is already admitted for Spring 11 (I don't know when she applied, though). I know this has not shed any light on the subject for you, but I want you to know you are not alone in your anxiety. :)

Good luck!

Thanks for responding. I didn't think UAB had rolling admissions. I wonder how your friend already found out? Maybe they notify people at different times depending on the specialty track? I am going for FNP. How about you? Sometimes I feel pretty confident about my chances of getting in. Then I hear that there was a record number of applicants for FNP and that " many well qualified applicants will not be admitted" . Kind of discouraging. Just trying to stay patient. Best of luck to you!

I also applied to UAB. I haven't heard from them yet. I did get into USA. I just found out.

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Yes, I was told the same thing. "There were a record amount of qualified applicants, meeting the general admission requirements may not result in admission for Spring '11, we are processing about 50-100 transcripts per day, the FNP program is one of the most competitive tracks, etc"... They told me the same thing. :) Which only increased my anxiety. I did pick the Adult NP as a second choice. I try to stay optimistic, but it's hard considering all I've heard. I just wish they would tell me so I can breathe again and stop "chain chewing rolaids and tums! LOL!

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Congrats on your acceptance to USA! At least you have options. :)

Congrats on USA! It is nice to have options. UAB is the first place I have applied and trying to narrow down my other options. Good luck to everyone!

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