When is the best time to apply! Please help!


I am a pre-nursing student and I am in my last year of pre-reqs. I have completed all of my pre-reqs except a&p 1,2 and micro. I plan to a&p 1 over the summer and to take a&p2 and micro in the fall . I am not sure when I should start applying to nursing programs. Can anyone offer any advice as to when they started to apply to programs.



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You should definitely start applying for nursing schools during the summer for the Spring 2010 semester. That way you have time to get any nursing entrance exams that they need to. So I would say get all of your things together, get a list of schools and start applying in about June or July.

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You should be contacting the nursing department offices of the nursing school(s) you are interested in applying to and asking them this question.


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if you are taking those classes in the fall .. i would apply for next fall depending on if your school looks at "hey they've finished all their prereqs" you get what im saying. i know some schools around where im from take into consideration if a student has all of their prereqs done vs somebody who has a high gpa but is still lacking some classes.. i hope this helps

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