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When to announce pregnancy?

Hi everyone!

I recently started working in the ICU at my hospital. I've been here 5 months, and just recently found out that I'm pregnant. (yay, this is great news!!)

However, I'm wondering when I should report this to my manager and or charge nurses? Right now, I'm about 7 weeks along. I am a pretty private person, however I know that there are some things that I need to be careful with, such as certain isolation patients and medications. How long should I wait to tell? Any thoughts, anyone

thank you for your thoughts


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By all means, tell your nurse manager now so that any necessary arrangements can be made for you, plus planning for when you will be off on maternity leave-your nurse manager will most likely appreciate the fact that you have given a lot of notice, and help out however s/he can. Especially if you start having a rash of morning sickness call-ins. You could also ask your manager to keep it under wraps for now, until it becomes too obvious to do otherwise. Congratulations on your awesome news, and good luck-pregnancy is a precious time, and the prize at the end makes everything else seem so insignificant!

Your manager should know right away, for your own safety, but you can request that she keep it quiet until you're ready to share the news with your coworkers.


Congratulations PepsiNurse! :balloons:

I Pm'd you a reply, so check your messages. ;-)


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