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I'm getting frustrated.

I've filled out a resume/application at 6 local hospitals. (that was 2 months ago) From that, I've received only one job offer. (the nurse patient ratio was substandard, thus I didn't accept the position)

There was one position I wanted bad. I've followed through on this position. The nurse manager said, "I'll call you in one week or less." It's going on 2 weeks this Monday and I still haven't heard a word.

All nursing positions I've applied to, I've been hired on the spot.

My question....after an interview do you notify ALL applicants you've interviewed whether or not they've received the position. Thanks!

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Isn't that horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!I had the same problem. I got an offer from a hospital and it took six months to get one! They confessed it was buried under more than one person desk papers............



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Normally if we are going to offer we make it within 1-2 weeks. Maybe you should call the manager to check on your application because it may be lost in HR or the person who calls to make offers may be out and no one is covering.


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It took 2 months after I was interviewed for my current position until I was notified that I was hired!!!!! Prior to the notification I kept following up with the employer with phone calls and emails expressing my continued interest in the postion.


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We always attempt to make the offer 3-4 days after interview depending on receipt of references and if we do not offer the position we offer a meeting to discuss the reasoning.

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We make offers right away, too. I would recommend following up and if one hospital sounds really lucrative- keep calling them. HR can be a nightmare. On our unit, we don't always get potential applications- lord knows why (probably lost in space). If you want a specific area, find out the managers name and number and call them directly and let them know you filled out application

Good luck!

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