whats your plans?

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so, how long have you been working as a med-surg nurse? and are you guys planning on swtiching into something different? im quite curious as i have been a med-sirg nurse now for 7 years and not loving it anymore..

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I have worked on med/surg/ortho since 1992 in one capacity or another,, went from LPN to RN. I dont have any plans to move, its my "home" and as long as i can keep up with the pace ill be there.

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I've been in it for 14 years, right now I'm working on an RN to BSN program, so I'll stick with med-surg until at least I finish that. I've found transfering to different med-surg units helped me keep it fresh. I've done neuro, med-tele and now doing trauma med-surg. We're going to open up a step-down intermediate unit soon and I'll be doing that, which will be a little different.

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