What's the general opinion of various Knoxville area programs?

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Hi all. I'm new and don't know the culture of this forum. I hope its okay to ask this question in this way! :)

I'm hoping to begin nursing school in January 2012. I have a BA and a Master's degree, but I'm looking at ASN programs so I can have a bit more flexibility with my schedule. I know the most about LMU's program, but I'm wondering what the general consensus is about the following:

Lincoln Memorial University

University of Tennessee

Carson-Newman College

... and any others.

Anyone know how I can find out about their NCLEX pass rates and other relevant info? Thanks. :)

Hi chaplainjanie,

I'm still in the pre-req phase so I don't have much info about programs other than what I have been told. I do know that Carson Newman and UT are both BSN programs. Roane State has a great reputation if you are looking for an ASN program. There are a lot of great programs around Knoxville and I'm sure someone will chime in.

Here is a link to the NCLEX pass rates for the different programs in TN. http://health.state.tn.us/Boards/Nursing/PDFs/NCLEX_RN_Results_2010.pdf

Thanks so much!!

Walters State has an Associate's program that lasts 2 years. http://www.ws.edu/health/nursing/default.asp

ETSU has a combined RN/BSN program with Walter's State that I am hoping to be accepted into. Although I already have a BS in Psych, this program will proceed at a pace I can handle with working and family. The courses for the BSN are ALL online. You attend classes at Walter's State to obtain your RN and you get your BSN through ETSU. http://www.etsu.edu/nursing/undergrad/dualdegree.aspx - there are pre-reqs/Gen Ed classes required, but I think I will be exempted from most of them if my previous BS is accepted.

LMU and Carson Newman are too expensive for me, but they are supposed to be good programs.

Good Luck! I'm sure I'll see you around the TN boards now and again.:specs:

I just graduated from UT Knoxville's BSN program. The tuition is albeit more expensive then other programs but you are getting your Bachelors instead of Associates. This will help you in the future. UT Medical Center is trying to go for Magnet status which means they are in a push for BSN nurses and not ASN nurses. Other then that I felt like UT has a good program but it can be intense and stressful just like any nursing program but everything they had me do really helped me when I took my boards! Good luck!

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