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I am a current LMU student attending the PRMC site. I am about half way through the semester and am kinda worried about what I see so far. I try not to let what others say interfere with what I do b/c every one has negative reviews for any school, but now I am beginning to believe them. I have heard LMU was very disorganized and you basically teach yourself. From what i have already encountered, lab is ridiculous and def. unorganized. I scored a little lower than I needed to on my test and I am freaking out over it. I have heard that if I get the opportunity that I should transfer to Roane state because they actually teach you and prepare you for the real world. Anyone a current LMU or Roane state student that has any current thoughts? They would be greatly appreciated!

I took my pre-reqs at Roane State and had a great experience. I applied to their nursing program in January after hearing many great things firsthand from nurses who graduated from there. I won't start until Fall though so I can't give you any direct feedback. I have not heard any feedback about LMU. Are other students experiencing the same struggles? I would recommend meeting with your teacher or advisor to see if they can offer any advice before making any transfer decisions. Hang in there, I hope things ease up for you soon. Good luck.

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