Whats the easiest and fastest ADN to BSN program???


Whats the easiest and fastest ADN to BSN program??? Online


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I can't speak to the ease of any rn to bsn at this time, however speed is something I've looked into for such a program. Texas Tech's program can be done in 2 semesters, but there are multiple pre-requisites that aren't met by most RN programs. The other that I found has less prerequisites and can be done in about 3 quarters if you test out of a few of the requirements is Thomas Edison State College. Thomas Edison State College is regionally accredited, while holding accreditation from CCNE and NLN. The program co-requisites are usually satisfied by the RN program. I have information compiled about which courses can be tested out of, send me a pm if you would like me to type up that information for you. HTH

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i graduated texas tech's rn to bsn program in december and i started in june. so it quite possibly is the fastest. because the summer is counted as a semester it can be done in 6 months...however, be ready to work and get to the grind stone:grn:.... for texas residents the tuition cost me about $7400 plus books....the pre-courses must be done before you start nursing courses and compared to other texas universities i did not find much over the top courses required just your basic core curriculum. now saying that i had a previous bachelors and all my courses were complete except stats so i really didn't pay real close attention to all that was required.......:D