What's better: part-time with benefits or flex with no benefits?

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Part time meaning, 3 days a week (every other weekend) evening shift.

I don't know what to pick. I have 4 classes right now but this semester will be ending in about a month. And then for the summer I have one class once a week evening. And then the following fall, I have day classes three days a week.

What schedule should I choose???:eek:

casi, ASN, RN

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Here's the most important question, do you need the benefits?

Flare, ASN, BSN

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I agree - it depends on whether or not you need benefits. If you don't need the benes then go for the more flexible schedule


sj73201, BSN, RN

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depends on what area the two positions are for. I just accepted a position where it's 40hrs a pay period which means I'm working 3days one week & 2 days the next I have class 5 days a week (including clinical). School does end in a few weeks but it's all about time management. I was getting stressed & regretting my decision, but I made myself a calender with eveything I had to do & I feel soooo at ease. I'm even working during finals week. You'll be fine. Go get the experience! Good luck!