What's the best clamp for an open catheter system


I was wondering what the best type of clamp I could get for an open catheter system. There are many varieties out, and some types break alot. Is there an online site that offers them? Thank you in advance for all your time and help.

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I'm just curious: what type of catheters are you referring to?


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Are you talking about foleys? Well, the ones we use where I work come with clamps attached but they are such a pain to work with and they onyl clamp half of the time. A basic rubber band is probally the best thing I've come by. Its easy to use and it does a fantastic job at keeping the flow from leaking.


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I'm using an open Foley catheter system. I need to get a urinary anaylsis sample but it can't be from the bag. The rubber band idea is a good one. I was looking for a clamp that has no teeth because that may be a little easier to use. I don't really know where to buy one.

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I would often just clamp a 2x2 onto the tubing, then i didn't have to worry about the teeth.

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