What has been your worst nightmare about work?

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Hello everyone! I ran a search and did not find a thread about this. This is meant for fun or catharsis, whichever you prefer. What was your worst dream ever pertaining to work? My worst dreams usually show me very pleased with myself at the end of a shift for staying on top of my work, only to find that I haven't assessed anyone or passed any meds all day! The docs are asking for info I don't have because of my mistake. Talk about anxiety! What's yours?

I've actually lived my worse nightmare thanks to understaffing. Thankfully, none of my patients suffered harm, but I changed my work address.

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I just had a dream last night about "the forgotten patient" - It was already 0400 and the patient's wife came out wondering if we were short-staffed or something because no one has been in there since 1830. Very scary!

And for the record, I have been off for 6 days, too...tonight is my first night back!

You know what is scarier? This, to an extent, ACTUALLY happened on our floor about two years ago.

Due to a redistribution of patient assignment because we were down a nurse and a terrible miscommunication, no one had a patient on the 11-7 shift. It was discovered after we (midnight shift) all left and the day shift nurse couldn't find anyone to give her report on that patient. (The nurse had assumed that nurse was giving report on her other patients and was making her way over to give report.)

Thank goodness the patient was fine that night and the techs did their end of the deal!

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