What will my future employers consider me as?


So I am very excited that I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!! I have one more semester then will be graduating in May!! I am trying to figure out though what my best course of action is. I have a BA in psych that I got from a 4yr college 8 years ago. To get my RN I had to go the AA route as I already have tons of student loans and didn't want to get deeper into debt. As I am seeing the trend how most hospitals today are not hiring unless you have a BSN do to them going magnet status. I have heard two stories when I have asked some fellow nurses:

The first one is that I will be looked at as having a BSN as I have a previous 4 year degree?

The other is the hospitals will look at me as though I only have my ADN?

I am fine if I need to get my BSN as I can do it online, however I really do not have the money and was hoping to get hired and have the facility I work for help in tuition cost...Would it make sense if they will not hire me as I don't have a BSN to get into a program that starts in the fall and present that I am enrolled in a BSN program when I send out my resume??

And if I am enrolled in a program and get hired..what is the possibility of the facility helping in tuition costs??

I plan on going on to get my NP or PA as my end goal.

A BA is not the same as a BSN. You'll be an RN with your associate's degree in nursing. I'll graduate in Dec with an ASN and have classmates with previous degrees. The one who has a degree in Psychology wants to get into psych nursing so that's a bonus. The other classmates with degrees in Accounting, Engineering, etc...those won't help.

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You will be an ADN RN.


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Some employers (but less and less as time goes on) consider an ADN-prepared RN with a BA/BS in another discipline to be the same as a BSN-prepared RN for employment, wage, promotion purposes and some don't. It just depends on the individual employer. You will be an associate's-prepared RN who has a baccalaureate degree in another discipline.


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You do not have a BSN. You will be an ADN RN.

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We hired a nurse who was an MD in another country. That country is at war and she could not get her credentials so attended RN school till things change. She is an RN to us.


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Ba does not equal BSN. The BSN degree requires community health and a lot of nursing based research type classes. Your other degree will not have had those. What makes a BSN RN different is that they have more EBP and nursing management knowledge from their classes. You would be considered and ADN nurse with another degree. In most cases, this will not get you any higher pay because your actual nursing theory knowledge is that of a BSN. The skills and most theory is the same between the two degrees, a BSN RN has just been further prepared with more EBP behind their care and get an intro into research and stuff. It will help if you are already enrolled in a BSN program when you apply for jobs as this will show future employers you are working towards the higher degree. As for reimbursement, that's completely up to the facility you work at. Some will starts reimbursing right out the gate and some will have a 90 day or 6 month employment term requirement before they will begin to reimburse for a current semester only. Gl