What to wear to orientation?

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I've got a four hour orientation at a nursing home on Wednesday I feel silly for asking this but should I wear scrubs or dressy/casual clothes?


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Most facilities have a day or two of classroom orientation that consists of watching videos on HIPPA and other inane things. They usually tell you to wear street clothes... because you are not on the floor. However, I am surprised they didn't tell you what the orientation would be. More often than not, people from housekeeping, dietary, and other department are subject to the same orientation. (This is what to do in a fire, this is what to do with a spill..)

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Yea just wear plain clothes. When I go to orientation I usually just wear something dressy-casual. Enjoy it--it will be the last time you get to just relax & get paid to do nothing basically lol :)

Casual clothes is fine because I don't think they're going to make you work or shadow someone on your first day.

Your first day of orientation is usually spent filling paper work, getting to know management, you get a tour of the facility, they give you the rules for the facility, and the manager or whoever is in charge of each department talks about what they do.

Ok thanks guy. So we actually get paid for orientation?

We were told we could wear casual clothes or scrubs.

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Ok thanks guy. So we actually get paid for orientation?

Yup. I'm pretty sure they have to pay you.

They paid me for orientation.

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