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  1. NiquiCNA

    3rd shift-hospital nursing assistants!

    I work 12 hour nights at a hospital.. which is awesome because NO MEALS. WE do Vitals at specified times, blood sugars.. and answer lights.. which.. can be soo many things... from toiletting to changing, to drains. Anything the nurse asks that you can do, we keep track of intake and output, including IVS, we place foley catheters.. stock gloves, pass ice.. pay is about what it would be in a nursing home, maybe a little higher.. depends on the facility..
  2. NiquiCNA

    how long does it take you to leave work

    How is clocking out at 7:08 unethical? ROFL. Seriously.. if I clock in at 18:38 (which I do) I dont get paid any extra than clocking in at 18:45? So.. is that unethical of them? Its a 24 hour job for a reason..
  3. NiquiCNA

    how long does it take you to leave work

    7:08 am I leave.. Gives me the extra fifteen minutes since shift is 1845-0715
  4. NiquiCNA

    Started new job and ready to quit

    Yes, a hospital is different, mainly because it's different every day at work. I can have from 11-21 patients a night.. and intellectually challenging? Heck yes, a LOT more than Long term. Nursing homes.. are painful.... dreery places to work.. and always short staffed, with lower quality staff. (At least here in SC)
  5. NiquiCNA

    Can someone explain how to survive doing cna work

    BUDGET... and know where every penny goes. No way will you be able to have that rent. I will have my house paid off before I'm 30, I have two vehicles, and money in the bank. I know how to save, I klnow how to scrimp.. and sacrifices are what it takes.
  6. NiquiCNA

    Transfer your CNA license to another state?

    its called reciprocity. i was able to get my cna is SC with only some paperwork (was in NY) each state is different, so you will have to research your state.
  7. NiquiCNA

    first day at hospital

    you dont always have a choice when you precept. I do not like to orient someone, and they just spring it on you with no notice. its especially difficult when you are the only CNA on the unit and you are with someone who has never been a CNA before. It is extremely complicacated work and you need to do the job, its VERY difficult with someone following you. most places need better plans for orientation also.. dont feel bad doing nothing in front of the nurses, the nurses should be helping you as much as your "preceptor". ASK them what you can do..
  8. NiquiCNA

    Aides being "nurses"

    The only thing that really bothers me about that is CNAs saying they are nurses.. I would never say that, though I when someone is hollering nurse, nurse, nurse.. yeah, I will answer and see what they want. Nothing wrong with CNAS talking to doctors... though I can honestly say I try to avoid our doctors because most have attitude problems.. Since you don't know what she did to the IV.. not sure how you are judging that what she did was wrong...
  9. NiquiCNA

    vent for those who work midnights

    hmm.. and people wonder why I simply turn my phone off and took out the doorbells to my house. Good I don't have any emergencies to worry about.. and the only people that call is work.. or 1-800 numbers I wouldn't answer anyway. Got cardboard, blinds and a blackout curtain on my window.. pitch black any time of day in my room :)
  10. NiquiCNA

    How many of you work in a hospital?

    I work in the hospital after 10 years stuck in LTC. I could have gotten in the hospital earlier, wish I hadn't waited. The hospital is awesome, mainly because there are more RNS than CNAs.. whereas in LTC there are more CNAs than RNS and LPNS.. And you couldn't pay me enough to do what the RNS do.. so respecting that.. it helps. I like the nights when I am the only CNA on the floor, as I don't have to put up with the bickering and complaining the other CNAs do. We do foleys, but dont do blood draws.. we do blood sugars. The pay is better, the benefits are better, the hours are better. And theey dont put up with the neglect and abuse nursing homes do.
  11. NiquiCNA

    How much homework for CNA class?

    "You are dealing with real people when the class is over and you are certified. This post was the first that I've read that actually sounded like common sense" 99% of what you need to know to be a CNA is NOT from the class,.. its from experience and from the HEART! THAT'S WHY that common sense class.. is not worth worrying over. Half the class skills.. are unused and out of date..
  12. NiquiCNA

    Where oh where have the good PCTs gone?

    Did you REALLY say maybe she doesn't know how to take vital signs? As if that should ever be in question of a PCT!!! I mean.. you put on the BP cuff and push a button.. and EVEN then.. if she can't figure that out.. she should have sense not to make it up.. .. or NOT be in a healthcare profession.
  13. NiquiCNA

    Violence against nurses law.

    So... RNs.. and LPNs.. but what of All the other personnel? CNAs, Respiratory..transport..lab..? should be ALL healthcare personnel.
  14. NiquiCNA

    Noc shift: How many res. ?

    hmm.. IN NY I did 25 residents a night.. but in SC.. it was more like 15, for long term care.. in the hospital.. I can have anywhere from 11 to 21 by myself..
  15. NiquiCNA

    Need advice-should I become a CNA/STNA at 46?

    You can be a CNA.. work in assisted Living would be easy too.. (no lifting!) but dont expect decent pay... and Almost anyplace does part time work.. prn.. any shifts you want.