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What type of couseling available for nurses. Who does a nurse turn to at work when they need help. I thought I remember someone in the past saying there is such a person. I am not talking about what normally is available for nurses but something just for nurses.



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My first thought was your agency EAP (employee assistance program). They are there whenever an employee has issues - personal or private - and are usually a wealth of resources for further assistance if they are not able to help.

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Check your benefits. Most employers nowadays offer an employee assistance program as was stated above.

Good luck to you.

I'm not aware of something just for nurses though. I imagine there is a need.

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If I had problems, I would not see anyone where I work...employee assistant or not. Keep your business farrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from where you work. Trust no one with that part of your life. :rolleyes:

Contact your public health department for assistance in finding a counselor/therapist to talk to. That's a much safer choice...IMO. :)

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