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What do you think of Kaplan


I am looking into BSN programs on line. Has anyone gone through Kaplan? If so, how did you like it?:nurse:


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I completed my BSN and now enrolled in the MSN program. I love the instructors and the convience of a complete online school.


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The only thing I can tell you is that, I've taken Kaplan nursing tests for our nursing program at a local community college and they are extremely hard! Our instructors curve the tests b/c most people don't do well on these. I do not know anything about their actual program though. Hope this helps.

Buyer beware - Kaplan is a for profit company and their main source of profit is their online education arm. They charge about twice as much per credit as State Universities do for the exact same online RN-BSN or MSN degree. Just do your homework and shop around before you commit to anything.

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I wasn't very fond of the Kaplan review. I wish I had taken another one or just decided to study on my own. My instructor was very arrogant, and all of her rationales began with "Kaplan says..." or "Where I work, this is the policy...".

my name is Adrianne Hanner. im an RN in the state of florida. ive heard many good things about kaplan. i used their book in order to pass nclex. wouldnt have passed without it.

When I watched this online video "College, Inc." I think my perspective of Kaplan changed a little..

I just took the boards (California) 6 months ago and passed thanks to Kaplan. I didnt get my BSN with them, but used their materials to get ready for the nclex. I had also taken some classes with ATI and other prep courses, but Kaplan was by far the best in strategy. Good luck.